M/V Ed Nelson



The M/V Ed Nelson is a solid work vessel but is also versatile enough to carry up to 6 passengers quite comfortably. Designed and built as a "cruising tug" it makes use of a low rpm Gardner diesel main engine turning a 36" propeller. This setup provides good pulling power as well as efficient and comfortable cruising or towing. Safety and dependability are increased by an auxiliary propulsion BMC diesel engine.



A large and well equipped engine room makes a great staging area for any project. With everything from basic hand tools and a work bench to air compressors and power tools, this boat provides a handy shop space.










The aft work deck provides plenty of space and versatility for small scale research projects or salvage jobs. All equipment is well placed and quickly accessed. It only takes a moment to spool line out from the tow winch or start pumping water with the hydraulic 2" Pacer pump in an emergency situation. Between the forward hydraulic anchor winch and aft deck capstan lines or tows can easily be tensioned and handled. 




With a large, above deck galley and dinette, the interior lends space for research equipment or comfortable charter cruises. This vessel also makes a great "central base" for any operation with all the comforts of home from the head with a stand up shower  to the full galley and clothes washer-dryer.









Built from scratch by one of Western Workboat's owners, Randy Charrier, nobody knows the M/V Ed Nelson better than we do.

M/V Ed Nelson Launch Day, April 4, 2004



Below is a table containing specifications of the vessel and equipment kept on board.