Charter a boat and crew for your marine research or science project in Puget Sound or the San Juan Islands. 

Our boats have been designed and built to be adaptable to the type of work that needs to be done. If you have a project that needs a specific boat or setup it is likely that we can build exactly what you need if we don't already have something that works. 

Just contact us with what you need. 


Commonly used equipment on M/V Ed Nelson:

- Main Rigging, 12 ft boom, 800 lbs capacity, 120 degree swing

- Starboard side mounted davit with hydraulic line hauler, 400 lbs capacity, 200 degree swing

- Dual drum, hydraulic, deck mounted capstan and tow bit with water level fair-lead lifting chute 5,000 lbs lifting capacity

- High speed hydraulic spool winch, 300 lbs capacity

- 330 gallons fresh water with back deck faucet 

- Large above deck galley table and space for equipment and people


If your application demands a smaller and quicker boat, have a look at M/V Red Hook.